Energy healing

Everything is made of energy. With energy healing we want to cleanse your energy, as well as restore health and harmony based on the concept of body, mind and soul.

This intuitive treatment starts with an energetic body scan. The energy clearing part aims to remove negative, stagnated and blocked energy from your system. Energy healing follows and aims to balance your energy centers and meridians.

The goal is to move, unblock, redirect and re-charge your Qi (universal life force) energetically in order to achieve balance. The energy healing technique I am mainly using is called External Qi Gong and is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also incorporate Reiki, healing prayers and chakra balancing.  External Qigong is rooted in and based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When we discover blockages during your energy healing session, you  become aware of negative thought patterns that can manifest in the body. This will empower you to look further within and to take steps that help you heal such as replacing negative with positive thoughts. 

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