About me

Alexandra Herold, Reg. Ac, HP, HC

"Hi, I am Alexandra, nice to meet you!

Please let me introduce myself:
I began my studies in Holistic Health and Energy Medicine already as a teenager. After working in a corporate job for many years in the field of Human Resources, I decided to change carreers in order to put my real passion into practice. I studied natural medicine and graduated as a Naturopath (Heilpraktiker) in Germany from Paracelsus Schulen in Konstanz.

Throughout my studies I was very drawn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I found it very compelling and convincing that TCM has been around for thousands of years and has helped millions of people since. Furthermore I love that it is a complete medical system that offers not only therapeutic treatments, but also a way of life and has a strong focus on prevention and health cultivation.

After graduation as a Naturopath in Germany, my journey took me to Vancouver in 2006 to study Acupuncture and Tuina in depth at PCU College of Holistic Medicine. In 2010 I became a licensed Acupuncturist in BC, Canada. 

I understand how important a healthy lifestyle, a positive mindset, happiness at work, meaningful relationships and healthy nutrition are for the healing and well being of us all. The mind, body and spirit are one and can not be separated from each other. My treatment approach aims to address all aspects. 

I strive to be a life-long learner and always take courses to expand my knowledge. From Acupuncture continuing education courses, to chakra healing, meditation teacher training, health coaching, herbology, aromatherapy, etc,.... I always love to take courses to advance my knowledge so I can serve my patients best.

My passion is to treat, teach, coach, guide, empower and inspire my patients and clients to take on the necessary lifestyle changes and commitment, so that they finally can transform into the best version of themselves!
I acknowledge that healing comes from within and my role only serves as a facilitator. 

During my sessions I often fuse different modalities in order to achieve the best outcome for my patients. I believe it is very important to assess a patient holistically and to customize each patient's care to their very own, individual needs.

As my patient I encourage you to actively participate in this process and to enjoy the journey you are on! I am grateful for getting the chance to walk with you on this journey - and remember: you don't have to walk alone! I can't wait to work with you."

Yours in health,