Bach Flower Consultations

"Health depends on being in harmony with our souls"
~ Dr. Bach, 1932

There are 38 single Bach Flower remedies that create the Bach remedy system. For many years I was personally using Bach Flowers for myself, my family and our pets with great results. I am very pleased to be able to offer and incorporate Bach Flowers for my patients.

These gentle and simple remedies are associated with basic behaviors. That's how we can address fears, trauma, stress, over-worrying, over-excitement, sadness, impatience, and more, by using one or up to seven remedies together. Being a holistic treatment, Bach Flowers are treating the individual and not the symptoms.

Bach Flowers have no side-effects, are very gentle and therefor great also for children or animals.

bach flowers Clematis

A  beautiful photo of Clematis by Judy Ramsell Howard.