The healing power of prayers

Praying for Health is probably the oldest healing art in the world. Since millennia wise women and medicine men of many cultures try to heal through holy prayers. Some prayers rise to the Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and some of the few others to Christianity. Formerly in every village a wise woman or man who had the gift was found. They healed diseases and warts by the sentence of prayers or spells.

Saying these prayers can be done on every day of the week, but more powerful days are Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Normally a series of prayers should take 3 times on a weekly base always on the same weekday. In acute conditions they can be applied on 3 following days. All living beings can receive this beautiful gift, so the prayers can be applied for humans, animals and plants.

According to ancient tradition, the prayers are based on donations (to any charity of your choice), so it's free - no money charged.