Energy Healing

Everything is made of energy. With energy healing based on Reiki, External Qi Gong and Chakra balancing we aim to open energy blockages and redirect the flow of energy into the right direction.

This beautiful method is based on the concept of body, mind and soul.

This intuitive treatment starts with an energetic body scan where I scan for blockages. The energy clearing part aims to remove negative, stagnated and blocked energy from your system. Energy healing follows and aims to balance your energy centers and meridians.

The goal is to move, unblock, redirect and re-charge your Qi (universal life force) energetically in order to achieve balance. The energy healing techniques I am mainly using are a combination of Reiki, External Qi Gong, Dowsing and Chakra balancing. 

When we discover blockages during your energy healing session, you might become aware of negative thought patterns and emotions that can manifest in the body. This will empower you to look further within and to take steps that help you heal by replacing negative with positive thoughts.

Often times clients see wonderful colors, feel relaxed and calm, and experience a sense of bliss during and after the treatment. 


"Alexandra's unique style of combining her acupuncture training with her energy work makes for such a powerful healing. She knows what meridians need clearing and balancing and I can actually feel the energy moving along the meridian as she's directing the energy, her healing is that powerful! I feel little 'pops' as the energy moves through me and is released. Combine that with the 'meridian mapping' she does (in person or via proxy) and energy healing sessions with Alexandra become completely unique and very powerful!" Joy Baker - Intuitive Energy Healer, White Rock BC Canada

"I feel so blessed by Alexandra's energy readings and healing sessions. I am grateful that during each appointment, she balances an openness to Universal Wisdom with her own unique intuition, talent and experience to bring me the messages and healing that my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self is needing most at that time. As a spiritually open person myself, I am still continually amazed to feel the flow of energy as she works. I am always so grateful and impressed by the awareness and respect she has for my unique energetic needs, and by her genuine intention to partner with me in my own healing. During each treatment, I feel comfortable and safe when Alexandra works silently with the energy, and when she explains her insights and observations. After each treatment, as we share our experiences of the process, I can feel and understand the healing benefits in an even more transformational way. The specifics of each session are fascinating, and sometimes nothing short of miraculous. I sing Alexandra's praises to all who are looking for deeply restorative and transformational healing. Thank you so much, Alexandra!" Laurie Beausoleil, Intuitive and Spiritual Counsellor, and Medium, Delta, BC

"I cannot thank Alexandra Herold enough for creating a fresh "new and light" energy in our family home. After Alexandra had Cleared and Blessed our home, I felt “light” and “happy inside”, I just wanted to keep smiling. I felt a big load had been lifted from my body. The air, space, our home, felt wonderful! I had no idea of how the negative, heavy energy was affecting us. My son has a lot more energy now. Alexandra came to our home 2 weeks ago, and this happy, light feeling is still with us. The positive energy stayed, (with good intentions), we are creating more happy moments, and the negative energy is gone! Thank you so very much, Alexandra! You are amazing at what you do! I am so proud to recommend you to family and friends." Sincerely, Patti Goodwin

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